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Building A Personal Brand Challenge What Is Your Theme

Building a personal brand is definitely a challenge for anyone, especially for those starting a business.


And while I have read tons about building a personal brand, it’s also tons better to have someone to guide you in your branding journey. So I decided to be a part of a free personal branding boot camp hosted by my coach, Martine de Luna.


Building A Personal Brand 1


I thought about answering the challenge on my wall. But I decided on blogging it instead. It’s been a while since I really wrote anything about myself. And while I have so many drafts on the backend, I feel like I was in a different place back when I was writing it.

For Day 1, we talked about introductions, who we are, and why we do what we do. Here’s what I answered:

I am H, and I am an SEO writer and Content Strategist for people who need help with promoting their business and showing the benefits of their services. I do this because I love writing and sharing my passion for writing with others. 

I also love food and books and am passionate about reading. 



For Day 2, I did a Facebook Live talking about my passions and what I do best.

Building a Personal Brand 1


Can’t get a video link, but here it was. =)

Today I will be answering questions about Day 3, which talks about my theme as a personal brand. It’s a word or phrase that describes who I am and sets me apart from others.

Sounds easy to do, right? Truth is, it was rather difficult for me to have an unbiased judgment of who I am as a person.

Our mental picture of ourselves may be totally different from what others see in us. And that’s what branding is all about. So I asked a question in my social media feed to see how others see me.

The answers were quite revealing. And because of the challenge, I gained a new understanding of how others see me and how I should be seeing myself.

So what’s my personal theme? It’s no bullshit.

I’ve always valued honesty and authenticity, and those who know me know how frank I can be. It’s actually pretty amazing how others saw me in the same light. They say that I am confident and strong, a go-getter, and someone who knows my worth.

Is this how I envisioned myself in the eyes of my audience? Hell yes.

Social media has a way of changing us as people. It’s easy to put on filters, to create an image of what we want to be seen as. Unfortunately, this image can also be too superficial.

I want to change that.

I think we women, especially mothers should encourage authenticity in ourselves and take no BS from anyone. We owe it to ourselves to be examples of what is true and what is real, so our children will become confident in themselves and accept themselves for who they are.

For me, no BS also means acknowledging tolerances and making changes in the way we live and work.

It means knowing and understanding your worth and the value you bring to customers and clients you work for. It’s charging the right amount for the services you offer. It means learning how to say no to low ballers and learning when to quit clients who don’t appreciate the work you do.

That’s why I will make it my personal mission to help work-at-home moms recognize their tolerances and get rid of all the BS they have to go through every day. I think it will be awesome for us to realize how powerful we truly are as mothers, wives, women, and individuals

I want work-at-home moms to finally realize that there is no such thing as juggling tasks in order to become the “perfect mother who has it all”. It’s high time that everyone to quit the idea of work-life balance, and embrace priorities instead.

So what makes me the right person to help? Because I’ve been there. And I know how difficult it is to settle for the mediocre.

I am a work in progress. I’ve had my highs and lows. And I can say that because I chose to acknowledge my tolerances and take action against them, I am becoming stronger and better every day.


Credits to The Chaos and Clutter


I want to show other moms that it is possible to live a no BS life and achieve happiness and fulfillment.

Over the years, I have transformed myself from a Negative Nancy to a successful freelancer, agency owner, and co-author. All of this happened because of the choices that I made, and because of all the help I got along the way.

Building a personal brand will never be easy. It takes bravery and courage to confront your fears and the demons lurking in your head. But in the end, it will all be worth it, especially if you get to help other women face their own fears, step out of their shells, and be at their best selves.

Want to find out how you can start building a personal brand? Check out Martine De Luna‘s Blissfull You Personal Brand and Mindset Collab and request access here.




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